Jose Luis Prieto Cortés (Teyitsi), born in Iznalloz (Granada) on February 24th 1984, is the eldest of 6 siblings.

Lived his childhood in his hometown and later he moved with his family to El Ejido (Almería) looking for a better life. He passed his adolescence there and is where actually lives.

He became a carpenter though he has worked in some other industries.

His interest for music made him learn to play the piano and the guitar in a self-taught way.

He is the life of the party in family and friends meetings with his voice.

He started to compose his own music on 2018, trying to get his own place in the music world with his first single "Dime" (Tell me) available since March 16th 2020 and recently his newest single "Mamasita" on July 29th 2020. You can find them in the main digital music platforms.

Teyitsi is progressing step by step, slowly but surely, making known his music, a fusion between flamenco and urban latin rythms. A humble soul with a giant heart, in love with life and music, with god in his thoughts, he has the faith to make the world fall in love with his voice and charisma, a friendly person making himself known in social networks and official website.